As we head into the third game of the World Series, we have news to share from third base. The Royals have a new pack member.  They say he runs fast, plays hard, and is very cute! Most importantly, his uniform is made of fur.

Last July, Royals famous third baseman, Mike Moustakas showed off his new team member on the field, a miniature Australian Shepherd puppy named Gus. Many think that Gus should be the Royal’s new team mascot. He is now almost 8 months old and would be sure to carry the team spirit with his head held high where ever the Royas go. At the very least, we now have the beginning of a Royals’ Canine All-Star Team!  Welcome Gus, Royals very first Bat Dog.

Mike is not alone as many professional baseball players, even with their busy schedules, own and travel with their dogs.  Players such as two famous White Sox, the Big Hurt Frank Thomas, and Aaron Rowand have toted their canine family members along with them during the season. Dogs offer gifts like joy, comfort, and are great companions especially on the road. Some of the key issues that any dog owner faces when they travel with their pets are: working with separation anxiety and overcoming this by helping train their dogs to feel safe when their owners are not right there with them, maintaining proper mental and physical exercise for their dog while traveling, and most importantly, socializing them in a variety of situations as they are sure to experience new sounds, smells, and people while on the road.

And the furry baseball fun doesn’t stop there. While attending a Royals game Katie Castan held up a sign that said “If we win he is buying me a puppy!” with an arrow pointing to her boyfriend, Joe.  Katie  explained that she and her boyfriend  had been planning to find a puppy.  A Corgie had always been Katie’s dream dog, and when someone spotted her sign and had a Corgie for adoption, the connection was made.  Lucy “Rally” Castan became the new canine addition to their family!

“Since a Corgi is the dog of my dreams, we went to meet her and I immediately fell in love. We both agreed and adopted Lucy “Rally” Castan, a 4-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi,” Katie said. “We were beyond excited about the opportunity to take her into our home knowing that she could have ended up in one of Kansas City’s animal shelters. Obviously, all of the shelters across the city do amazing work but it sort of felt like fate that her previous owners were able to track us down through other channels and present us with this wonderful opportunity.”

Meet Katie and "Rally"!

Meet Katie and “Rally”!

After such a great experience, Katie said she’s a Royals fan for life. Baseball and Dogs both bring fun into so many people’s lives.  I wonder if they will ever dye Gus’ hair blue?  We have tweeted Gus and invited him into our Country Club Plaza Bakery Location so that he can redeem his free Pupcake. If you go to Three Dog Bakery Facebook or Twitter pages you can print out a coupon for your own free Pupcake offer when you join us at our store. We will send out a tweet when Gus makes it in to see us! Go Royals!


At Three Dog Bakery we are an equal opportunity giver, and would like for you to know that this offer is only good for our Local Customers so they can take advantage of our great merchandise with a free Pupcake.  If you feel left out of our party, feel free to print your coupon and arrive in Kansas City.