You want to provide the best for your pups. They’re family (your babies) and you want them to be healthy and happy.  However, let’s face it, trying to figure out the best dog food to feed them is confusing and somewhat scary.

Have you ever read a dog food label and thought what is this stuff and what does it mean for my dog’s health?   Does dog food really need all those chemicals? Should my dog eat that much corn?  What are meal and meat by-products?

In this article, we answer several of the most common asked questions about dog food ingredients and dog food labels.  If you don’t see your questions answered, bark back  and we’ll “dig up” some answers.

What are meat by-products?

They are the left over stuff from the human food industry. The items you don’t want to eat such as beaks, heads, feet, undeveloped eggs, feathers or intestines.  GROSS! You wouldn’t feed these to your dogs in raw form, so why would you feed it to them as a dried up pellet?

There are all types of “meal” on dog food labels, what does “meal” mean?

Meal means coarsely ground. For example, corn meal is just coarsely ground corn. There isn’t anything wrong with meal. However, you want to see Chicken or Lamb listed before Meal.  You never want to see Meat or Meat Meal listed. It could be anything, including dying, diseased or dead animals.

Remember to look for chicken meal or lamb meal.

Why is there so much corn and corn filler in dog food?

Corn is a cheap protein source used to keep down the cost of the dog food. As with humans, corn is known to be hard on dog’s digestive system.

Are chemical dyes and preservatives necessary?

The simple answer is no. In general, foods will spoil without some form of preservative, however there are many all natural food coloring dyes and preservatives available. Beet, tomato and spinach powders make great coloring dyes and citric acid (vitamin 0C) and tocopherols –a natural antioxidant that slows the oxidation process of fats and oils—are perfect for preserving yummy-for-the-tummy dog food and treats.

Does my dog need a full balance diet?

Yes, your dogs should eat a well balance diet (just like yours). It should consist of healthy protein, vegetables, fruit, and wholesome grains.

Why is oven-baked dog food so important to the quality of my dog’s food?

Many pet foods are mostly made from grain fragments mixed with meat by-products, (both left over from the human food industry). It is then cooked quickly at an extremely high temperature until it is tasteless. To make it palatable they then coat it with fats. YUCK!

Three Dog Bakery uses only premium, wholesome ingredients, like you would for your family.  We slow bake our premium dog food and treats to seal the natural flavors, aromas and nutrients into our all natural ingredients.  The slow baking process creates highly nutritious and palatable healthy dog food that works naturally with your dog’s digestive system.

There is a lot of contradictory information about dog diets. Just like humans no two dogs are alike. You have to find what works for you and your dogs.

We at Three Dogs Bakery, believe our premium quality dog food and treats are something you can feel good about feeding to your family–the four legged ones. Remember, Three Dog Bakery dog food and treats are made in the USA.

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