Sniff out a Three Dog Bakery Today!

As the summer months come to an end and fall begins, exercising with your dog becomes cooler. Exercising with your dog or making sure your dog receives sufficient exercise is important for their health and well being. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

  • First, gain an understanding of what kind and how much exercise is best for your breed. Do your research—talk to your vet or study proper literature about your breed. Large breeds, for example cannot handle heavy running or jogs. You want exercise to be seen as enjoyable not punishment.
  • If you’re going on walks and runs with your dog, make sure they are properly trained on a leash. Ideally, you want to try and control them from jumping on children, adults or other dogs—or dragging you down the street. You want to enjoy the exercise too.
  • Dogs with high energy levels do the best with high-energy activities. They enjoy running, playing fetch and chasing other dogs. Our dogs get plenty of play time in at the office!
  • Slow, leisurely walks are usually best for dogs with disabilities or more senior age.
  • Dogs are like humans, start slow if your dog is not used to regular exercise.
  • Just like humans, dogs should not exercise or swim after they have eaten.
  • An easy way for your dog to get some exercise is to take them to a dog park and let them wrestle and chase with the other dogs. This way they are also socializing.
  • Be safe. Dogs can pick up flees, ticks, seeds etc. while outdoors. They can also get sunburned or their skin and paws can get too dry.
  • If it’s hot outside consider an alternative for exercise. Our dogs love to play in the water! Also, if you do go for walks during the hot summer months make sure plenty of water is available so your dog does not get dehydrated. Remember the 8s-rule when it is extremely hot—walk before 8am or after 8pm.
  • Make sure you have the proper accessories; toys, booties for paw protection, paw rub, retractable water bowls, etc. AND most of all have fun –change it up a bit so Fido doesn’t get bored!


You both need and enjoy it! Exercising with your dog is a great time saver; an entire list of things gets accomplished while you’re both having fun!