Pug enjoys Three Dog Bakery meal!

No bones about it, people love to eat out with their dogs. After all, they are apart of the family too. However, taking your dog out to a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Don’t fret; it will get better with practice –just follow our 10 easy tips!

  • Start practicing at home when you eat out on the patio or inside at the dinner table. Practice getting your dog to mind your commands and teaching him not to beg. Once your dog has mastered this at home, you are ready to test the waters.
  • Always call ahead and make sure the restaurant you choose is dog friendly!
  • Try taking your dog out alone first before going on double doggie dates.
  • Start by taking your dog to a restaurant or café that generally has other pets around. This way your dog can learn from his furry friends around him and become accustomed to the new atmosphere. It will also be nice for you because your dog will blend in. Or even take a short trip to your local coffee shop to see how your pup does on its first outing.
  • Once you’re ready to take your dog out regularly try taking your dog for a walk before hand to give him some exercise and a chance to empty his bladder. This way he will be calmer and more likely to take a nap during your meal.
  • Bring something incase your dog gets bored; treats, rawhides, or his favorite toy! And always keep them on a 4ft. leash. We do not recommend retractable leashes.
  • Always pick a place that is at the edge of the dining area. This is good incase you need to step out for a quick potty break and because it will be less noisy.
  • Bring some supplies with you –retractable water bowl, water, favorite toy, treats and maybe some plastic baggies just incase. This way you don’t cause added stress to your waiter or waitress.
  • Refrain from feeding your dog table scraps because this could cause them to go to other tables and beg.
  • At the end always reward your dog for his good behavior and also reward your waiter or waitress for being understanding and accommodating!