Meet our office staff and the treats they love the most! And to celebrate our furry family members – this week, May 15 – May 21 – take 15% off your orders of $60 or more.

Amanda’s Dog (Gary) dances for Rocky Road Ice Cream

Gary’s Bio:
Gary is a born dancer and will stand up and spin if there is a treat on the line. He also loves to act as receptionist when he visits the bakery and will sit up on his mom’s desk to keep an eye out for new visitors or as he calls them new treat givers!

Middle Piece

Scott’s Dog (Buddy) hankers for the Sweet Potato Wafers

Buddy’s Bio:
Buddy is a seasoned traveler and barely misses a day at the office. He loves being a taste tester but spends most of his days in meetings, as long as they are discussing treats!Middle Piece

GypsyGail’s Dog (Gypsy) will hold out for the Vanilla Wafers

Gypsy’s Bio:
Gypsy is the fiesty member of the Three Dog Bakery pack. She will attack anything that isn’t there, or is shiny, or shadows, or treats, or—well, you see where this is going…

Middle Piece

MillieTeri’s Dog (Millie) will goes nuts for Peanut Wafers

Millie’s Bio:
Millie has being a happy dog down to a science. This sunny, fur ball is all about fun—from chasing squirrels, and making friends to dancing and running. She’s always on the move.

Middle Piece

TaylorJamie’s Dog (Taylor) is crazy about Carob Swirl Beg-als

Taylor’s Bio:
Taylor Swift is a true diva with a long line of adoring fans. She always has time for head pats, tummy rubs, smiling for the pup-arazzi, and lazy afternoons. She enjoys the dogs’ life!

Middle Piece

CallieSarah’s Dog (Callie) drools over Oatmeal & Apple Wafers

Callie’s Bio:
Sweet and easy-going Callie (aka Callie Hotdog) enjoys filling her days being the official greater at the Three Dog Bakery store located in Kansas City. She’s paid in treats, which is just fine with her.