Ancestors of DogsYou have your routine: Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat. Well, dogs need their routine too. In fact, this need for routine is inherent. Wolves have routines. They will go out early morning and hunt, get back and eat, do wolf stuff until they decide to hunt again. This routine helps maintain the pack. And just like their ancestors the wolves, routine in a dog’s life can be a huge asset.

One of the greatest comforts to a dog is to have a stable and consistent daily routine. Uncertainty is a huge strain on a dog’s psyche, and without a set routine, dogs can begin to feel insecure or stressed. Stress in dogs is mainly the product of a change in the environment. Since your dog lives with you, and since your life will certainly not be free of change, she undoubtedly will experience stress sometime in her life. Keeping a routine is a good way to combat the stress that comes along with change.
Some important aspects of a dog’s daily routine involve:

  • Have a regular feeding schedule
  • Give your dog a special spot in the house that is his (could be a pillow or even a crate)
  • Have a regular exercise schedule
  • Have a potty routine

Dogs, just like their ancestors, need consistency. With a routine, a dog knows what to expect and you will find that your dog’s overall behavior will be better. This routine can be as simple as feeding and walking your dog at the same time each day.  A solid routine makes for a happy, well behaved dog!