Warm weather is finally upon us, meaning much-needed outdoor time for you and your pup. In the coming months, many of us will frequent outdoor fairs, concerts, farmers markets and festivals. Here are a few tips to consider if you plan to bring along your best four-legged friend.

  • Do your homework. Many outdoor events ban dogs due to crowds and to prevent Spot from lifting his leg on every other booth. Do yourself and your pooch a favor and find out ahead of time if he or she is welcome, and abide by these requests.


  • Carry extra poop bags. Good dog-owner etiquette can go a long way toward improving everyone’s experience. Always scoop the poop and don’t be shy to offer a fellow dog owner an extra bag if he or she appears to be shirking responsibilities.

  • Bring water for your dog. You aren’t the only one who gets dehydrated on warm sunny days.  Make sure you always have water, or easy access to water for your dog when you leave the house.


  • Take a time out. Crows can be overwhelming, so be sure to give your dog a break from the commotion every so often.


  • Leash and tags. Be sure you have a sturdy lead and double check to be sure those tags are updated.


  • Watch those paws. Even our dogs are not immune to that summer sun.  Our All Natural Paw Rub is formulated to protect, heal, and moisturize.  Perfect to use on paws and noses after a long walk on hot pavement.


Here’s to a summer full of outdoor fun

for people and pooches.