Bringing home a new puppy can be very exciting and also very scary. I know when I brought Lela home I was so thrilled to have rescued her but also very scared because she was the first pet I truly owned 100 percent by myself. Before Lela, I only had pets when I was little and let’s face it—my parents did all the hard stuff, such as vet visits.

Before bringing home a pet consider your options. Make sure your schedule allows you to take sufficient care of your puppy. They need lots of attention, love and affection. Also, if you have kids make sure the timing of your puppy is appropriate.

At Three Dog Bakery we are HUGE advocates of adoption, when you decide to pick out a puppy please check out your local shelter first. So many wonderful dogs need good homes.

When bringing home a new puppy follow these easy steps to help you prep for a good start to a long lasting, fulfilling relationship.

  1. Start by preparing yourself and your family members. This is especially important with children; rules need to be set so that everyone understands their responsibility and knows how to properly handle the puppy. When pups are small injuries can easily occur. Also, if you already have a dog make sure your current dog’s temperament can handle a puppy.
  2. To make certain the puppy doesn’t get mixed signals and get confused, discuss how you are going to train the puppy. That way everyone is on the same page.
  3. Next, make sure you purchase the necessary supplies; puppy food, dog treats, water and food bowls, chew toys, collars and leashes, bed and a playpen/crate. You may also want to purchase grooming supplies at this time as well. Three Dog Bakery’s Web site offers a variety of all natural food & treats suitable for puppies as well as grooming supplies!  And Three Dog Bakery Stores offer everything you need for a new dog. Sniff out your local bakery today!
  4. You will need a carrier or a kennel, either for travel or while you’re away. To save money choose a size that will fit the breed once they are full grown. Kennels can also be used for potty training.
  5. Next, make your home suitable for a puppy. Pick a designated area for your puppy to mature. It will most likely hangout here while you’re away until it is potty trained. Remove all electrical cords from reach and also make sure that the puppy has plenty of water and appropriate things to chew such as all natural rawhides or puppy toys. It is a good idea to remove plants from this area. Puppies will often chew on plants, and common house plants can be harmful or even poisonous.
  6. Since puppies have a natural tendency to chew, you should store away items that may appeal to them (i.e. shoes, kids toys, belts, etc.) until the puppy has matured.
  7. Put away / up breakable items; puppies jump, get excited, wag their tails, chew and rough house. Things can easily be knocked over and you don’t want to have to scold a happy puppy or have your favorite item broken.

Bringing a furry friend into the family is always exciting and with these easy tips you will be closer to doing so! I know getting Lela was the best decision I ever made.

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