What keeps your dog occupied, helps with dental health, and stops them from chewing on your favorite pair of shoes? A rawhide! Withstanding the test of time, rawhides have naturally helped dogs fight dental disease and plaque for years. If unchecked, poor dental health fosters the growth of dangerous bacteria; gingivitis, tooth loss and other infections can occur. With proper supervision and the right rawhide, you can help your dog chew his way back to better dental health.

What is rawhide?

Rawhide is the inner-hide layer from cattle, buffalo, deer, or elk. The quality varies depending on the animal source and country of origin. Our rawhides are made from premium beef-hide from corn-fed cattle raised in the USA. We get our rawhides straight from the vendor rather than going through leather companies and slaughter houses.

How is rawhide made?

Cattle hide has two layers. The first is an outer tough layer used to make leather etc. and the second layer is a soft inner layer, which is used to make rawhide chews. Most manufacturers use chemicals such as formaldehyde to preserve the hides. Formaldehyde and bleach cause the rawhide to dry and splinter (often resulting in digestive problems for your dog). Our premium rawhides are cleaned and are chemical and bleach free.

How often should I give my dog rawhides?

Rawhides are a form of treat, more like an occupier; they should not be used as a food source. They are low in fat with few calories and should not be eaten as a meal. Your dog should be watched under careful super vision while chewing on a rawhide. When the rawhide has become soft at all ends or small it should be taken away and replaced with a new one. They should not be eaten whole or swallowed. Rawhides should not be given to dogs with beef allergies or dogs that have gastrointestinal disease.

So there you have it! All-natural rawhides can be a great thing for your dog if given the proper supervision. Our premium quality rawhides will not only satisfy your dogs need to chew, it will also keep them healthy! We carry them online and in the bakeries in a variety of flavors, styles and sizes. Lela goes dog-gone crazy for them!

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