Yummy, thirst quenching watermelon! It’s so good in the hot summer months. Watermelon is a great treat for people, and guess what, dogs love it too. Just like in humans, eating watermelon can cool off a dog.

Did you know watermelon is a rich source of vitamins and minerals? A dog would get vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C from this cold and refreshing summer treat. The fruit is also a good source of fiber that maintains the proper functioning in the dog’s digestive system. Watermelon has the necessary nutrients that boost the dog’s immune system. Low in fat and in cholesterol, the fruit can be given to the pet regularly without worrying that the pet would gain weight.

Three Dog Bakery loves Watermelon so much, we’ve made a Watermelon Wafer just for Summer 2012!

We know that dogs, especially the long and thickly coated breeds are overwhelmed by the summer heat. Doggie bowls are commonly filled with water or ice cubes to refresh the pet. Why don’t you provide your four legged friend with a thick slice of watermelon?

We Love Watermelon