Truman from Louisville Three Dog Bakery

With April 22nd being Earth Day and mid April being Scoop the Poop Week, we here at Three Dog Bakery decided to blog about earth friendly choices for dog owners. Weather you live downtown or in the burbs picking up after your pet is necessary. Most know the feeling of stepping in a pile of poo at the park or the feeling that your yard is a liter box for neighboring dogs. Not only is dog poop smelly and messy but it can actually be harmful to the environment. Picking up dog poop is part of being a responsible pet owner, and it is of critical importance to your community and ecosystem.

Unlike fertilizing feces of some animals like horses or chickens, dog poop can actually add harmful bacteria to the earth or local water systems. On a closer level dog poop can carry things like E. coli, giardia and various types of worms.

The green thing to do is to keep the earth clean by picking up the poo. Many cities and public areas now have laws or impose fines on dog owners who do not clean up after their pets. Many outdoor spaces and parks offer utensils, such as plastic bags for picking up dog waste.

Some waste experts say to dispose it down the toilet like humans do (without the plastic bag); this way it can be treated in the sewage system. However, the first step is just picking it up. We use products like “Scoopies” – a sac/mitten that is 100% oxo-biodegradable. These and other like products can be purchased at a number of our bakeries – sniff out a store today!