Simply put, oats are nutritious, being naturally high in “good” nutrients and low in “bad” ones.

Oats are high in:

  • Protein (interestingly, wild oats contain from 27-37% protein while cultivated varieties average about 17%). According to the World Health Organization, oat protein is equivalent in quality to soy protein. So, equal to meat, milk and egg protein.
  • Soluble fiber (the fiber that helps keep cholesterol levels low)
  • Levels of iron, manganese, zinc, and B vitamins

Oats are low in:

  • Gluten (some is present, but not nearly as much as in wheat)
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (so far, oats are not grown using GMO)

Three Dog Bakery believes oats are the paw-fect ingredient for our treats and kibble. It is a GRRreat source of fiber, which aids in digestion health; and it is packed with important vitamins and minerals. In fact, we love oats so much, they are used in many of our treats, and all of our food!

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We Love Oatmeal