We are excited to be a contestant in Fuzzy Fotos; a fundraiser benefiting the Kansas City Free Health Clinic & No More Homeless Pets KC, that puts Kansas Citians and their pets against each other in a photo voting contest!

Just visit www.fuzzyfotoskc.com and vote for Amanda and Sarah and their dogs Piper the Australian Shepherd and Lexi the Boxer! Only $5.00 per vote, and you can vote as many times as you like from July 1- July 31.

Competing photos will also be on the Web site, erase them from your memory – they’re just there to distract you away from the only photo that counts- ours! Okay, we’re just kidding on that last part….kind of. But in all seriousness, we are all competing for a great cause that helps get people and animals alike the medical attention they otherwise might not receive. So vote, and vote often!

You can check for updates on how we’re doing on our Facebook page, just search for Three Dog Bakery- Country Club Plaza- KC!

AND your vote will get you into Piper’s 2nd Birthday party at the bakery! Your printed receipt from voting at FuzzyFotosKC.com will be your ticket into the party. Of course there will also be Birthday Cake & Lickety Split for all of her friends attending the celebration! All she wants for her Birthday are votes so come join us for her party July 24th at 2pm (Country Club Plaza location only)!