Labor Day is just around the corner and in my mind that means fall is here and that, my friends, is my favorite season. The air will soon become crisp, the leaves will change, the excitement for the holidays coming just a couple of months away will start to build. It truly is my favorite season. All of that is great but the best thing about fall is PUMPKIN – or should we say PUP-KIN! Fall is the season for Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING!

Pupkin Everything

From pumpkin spice cheese balls to pumpkin hot cocoa and everything in between, Fall has to be one of the most delicious seasons of them all. Well, we at Three Dog Bakery don’t think it’s very fair that all our loyal furry friends can’t also partake in the tastes of the season. That’s why this fall our ever pup-ular Pup-kin Spiced Latte will be returning along with scrumptious pumpkin biscuits and our brand new PUP-KIN SEEDS!
Pup-kin SeedS
Pumpkin isn’t the only fall flavor that we love though! Memories of fall seem to always be tied to a  delicious taste or smell. We’ve also premiered a new favorite fall flavor this year, Harvest Apple – a duo with caramel and apple flavored wafers!

Harvest Apple-front