Call us purists. Or even call us crazy. The peanut butter used in all of our products is made of 100% peanuts. Nothing else. No extra sweeteners, preservatives or anything unnatural. We’ve packed our peanut butter with so much pea-nuttyness that we have trouble getting the lid on the jar! November is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, and we’d like to point out why peanut butter is so good for your dog!

For your pup, this means that he’s getting a great source of all-natural protein.  Peanut butter is made of Vitamin H and Vitamin E. The first vitamin increases the sheen of your dog’s coat, improves the quality of dog skin and the strength of the nails. The second helps your dog’s immune system, which protects your dogs from disease.1 Peanut butter also contains the beneficial minerals iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium as well as modest amounts of dietary fiber.  Three Dog Bakery offers the best all natural peanut butter treats for your pooch.

Check out some of our Peanut Butter Treats Below:

To see a all of our of peanut butter treats, use the Peanut Butter flavor filter on our new website, here! . And don’t furget to check out your local Three Dog Bakery for all the woofer-ful peanutty pastries they have available!  Sniff out a store here.  And of course, stock up today and the best peanut butter dog treats!Yummy Yummy Peanut Buttery

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