A few years ago we posted “Some Truths about Dog Food” answering some of your questions about the ingredients and processes used to make some big names dog foods. Well here’s the truth about our dog food, Bake to Nature. We believe that what you put into your dogs is what you get out of them. So, by doting on them with love, treats, toys, and a high quality dog food you will get out of it a fun, loving relationship that will last for years!

1 - Farm Raised chicken


< 1. We start with only premium-quality meat – packed full of protein for healthy muscle and cell development. Free of added growth hormones & steroids. Only the best for your BFF (Best Furry Friends).

2 - Processed chicken


2. We select only the “good parts”–the premium-grade parts of the chicken or fish to provide the best nutrient dense food your dog needs to live a healthy, happy life. We do not use any by-products, like feathers, beaks, fur, or scales, commonly found in other dog food. >

3 - Chilled at 36


< 3. To maintain the quality of our dog food ingredients, we chill all our meat ingredients to a proper 36°. This helps keeps the meat fresh and free from contaminants. Maintaining the integrity of our ingredients is of the utmost importance.

6 - Transported in refrigerated vehicle v2


4.  We transport all chilled ingredients in a refrigerated truck. This is not required by law of pet food manufacturers. In fact, many dog food companies transport and store their meat-parts, for unlimited amounts of time, in unre frigerated trucks and manufacturing plants. We think this is… well…gross. >

5 - Ingredients v3


< 5. In Three Dog Bakery’s kitchen, we mix our natural, premium-quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals into a delicious dough. We don’t add sugars, wheat, soy, corn, fillers, artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives.

4 - Die cut into kibble


6. Once the dog food dough is formed we cut  it into tail-waggin’ kibble bites. These bites are easy to digest because they don’t contain fillers or by-products, so your dog will retain more nutrients per bite. (BONUS: This also creates less waste.) >

7 - oven bakedv2


< 7. At Three Dog Bakery we oven-bake our kibble slowly. (We don’t “over-cook,” losing flavor and nutrients only to spray it back on with a fatty palatability enhancers like “digest.”) Yes, oven-baking our kibble slowly takes longer, but we (and your best friends) think it is worth the wait.

8 - Packaging


8. After cooling our oven-baked kibble, we screen every bit to make sure we pack only the best pieces of dog food. We are so proud of our dog food that we showcase it in a window on every bag. >


9. We make the best, premium dog food for one reason—because we love dogs like family…and that’s why dogs love us!

9 - happy healthy dogs