We’re recently added a new item to our product mix and they come from our friends over in Indiana – Scout and Zoe, and their mom Cindy. Scout & Zoe’s is all about dogs. They absolutely love dogs and everything about them; dogs are their passion. And that is the single reason why Scout & Zoe’s exists. They want to be your place to talk, learn and love all things dogs.

Meet Scout and ZoeHere’s a little about Scout, Zoe and their family:
Zoe is a twelve-year old German Shepherd and has a pretty good life despite her allergies. She is very active and remains a slim, beautiful girl. She loves to play keep-away, spending alone time with her Mom, sitting in the sunshine and attempting to be the boss of Scout. Sleeping on the bed and riding in the car are her favorite pass times. All that and getting a treat!

Scout is the latest addition to the family. He was born on Father’s Day in 2008 so he is about to turn five years old. And yes, his twos were terrible. Constantly the source of chaos in his household, Scout loves to run through the house as well as the yard chasing anything that will run away from him….especially squirrels. His very favorite activities are enticing Zoe to chase him, jumping on the bed during the middle of the night, waking everyone up at the crack of dawn and pulling the stuffing out of Zoe’s toys.

The reason this company exists is because of Cindy’s dedication to Scout and Zoe and their allergies. Due to extensive allergies they have had their entire lives, neither could enjoy any bovine products–bones, rawhide, or anything beef flavored.

Why Antlers?
Antlers are rugged, hard, solid and won’t splinter like bones will. These provide the exact qualities anyone would want in a chew for their doggie pals. And there is the added bonus of the chews actually being good for them. Trace minerals of calcium and phosphorous are in all antlers. WOW! What a combination…..great to chew on and good for your dog. The perfect storm!

Scout and Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews are allergy free as well as being organic, natural, green and a renewable resource gathered from animals that were not harmed in any way.

Here at Three Dog Bakery, we sell three sizes of the antlers:

Small Natural Antler Dog Chews –
The small is just right for your little pal weighing up to 15 pounds.

Medium Natural Antler Dog Chews –
The medium sized chew: the right size for your 15-30 pound furry buddy.

Large Natural Antler Dog Chews –
Don’t be fooled by the name. Maybe your dog is the right size for our large-sized chew. Great for dogs that weigh 30-50 pounds.

To see the many other products available from Scout and Zoe’s, check out their website, here.

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