News flash! It’s Valentine’s Day! Single or not I’ve got the unconditional love of my fur babies to celebrate! So, let the spoiling begin!

1) Treats, treats, and more treats!Puppy Kisses To Go

Perhaps the most universal show of love for our dogs is simple: give them treats. Many dogs are food motivated so pulling out a yummy treat can be a furbulous way to show your dog you care. While this is a sweet way to love your pooches, be sure to give treats in moderation  and within the caloric needs of your dog. Also, try to go with a healthier, all-natural treat like Three Dog Bakery’s Puppy Kisses To Go!

2) Rub Down

Belly rubs, butt rubs, ear scratches, the list goes on and on. Physical contact is a gRRreat way to make your dog feel loved, but be sure you know your dog. One of the simplest ways we connect as humans is to hug, for dogs though, that can be intimidating. Standing  over your dog and putting your arms around them is a dominant stance that can make them uneasy or even reactive. Gauge how your dog reacts when you give them a big bear hug. If they pull away  perhaps you should stick to a good rub down and leave the hugging for the 2 legged loves in your life!

Bath Time3) Healthy Hygiene

Now stick with me on this one. Even though most dogs see bath time a unique form of punishment, ensuring your dog has good hygiene can be a a wooferful way to show your dog your heart beats for them and them alone. Dogs need to be bathed, groomed, and have their teeth brushed regularly depending on their breed specifics. Not only will it help protect their health, it will make their doggie breath fresh and their snuggles even softer. Grooming can be a good bonding experience as well. If you take the time to train you pup you both can enjoy  the experience.

4) Train Like a Champion

Looking up fun tricks and learning how to train you dog to do them can be a paw-some way for your dog and you to develop a relationship built on trust. It’s also a wonderful way to train useful, basic commands like sit, stay, and come. The basics can be handy or even life saving if you dog comes across an unfriendly animal or runs out the front door. More advanced tricks like shake can also be a great way to show off to friends and family and provide yourself with hours of free entertainment!

5) Walk, Run, PlayWalking the Dog

Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation. A walk in the park or around the neighborhood can be a breath of fresh air, literally, and a great way to clear you head and take the time to just focus on the sweet ball of love walking beside you. Another pupular option is a trip to the dog park where they can run and play without restraint. Sometimes going out just isn’t a viable option so on days drenched in rain or coated with snow treat puzzles are a good way to keep dogs busy and entertained!

What are some of the ways you show your dog some love? Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.