In this guest post, Nichole Smith from Dog Is Good explains how and why D.I.G. came to be.

(photo by: J.Nichole Smith)

The thing about owning (or being owned by) a dog, is that there are just so many moments that you wish you could immortalize.

The way she flops towards you when she pokes her nose out from the covers in the morning, the way he pat, pat, pats his tail against the ground as you walk towards him – the electric joy you feel emanating from their toothy-grin faces when you return home from a long day or trip without them – the way you feel so sure that there’s not a more perfect dog on earth as she bounds ahead, trailblazing during those off-leash adventures.

As dog owners we are reminded daily that Dog is profound and selfless and cheerful. Dog is inspirational, healing and hilarious.  Dog is, in a word, good.

More than just a sweet sentiment, “Dog is Good” is the name of and inspiration behind a small California-based company seeking to capture and celebrate those dog-human moments that every dog fanatic can connect with.

Founded by a dog trainer and a pet photographer in 2007, Dog is Good is quickly becoming the premier brand of dog themed apparel + gifts, with tees, hats, hoodies and sleepwear featuring all-too relatable messages like “It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends up in Cone,” “Never Sleep Alone,” “Know Dog, Know Joy, Know Love” and “Dogvergnügen.”

Dogvergnügen, What’s that?

In an effort to “sum up” the dog-human relationship, D.I.G. searched high and low for the right word. When they couldn’t find one in the English language, they had to borrow from German, and “Dogvergnügen” was formed. While this word may seem foreign, the definition is familiar to any person who has ever loved a canine: “The unique joy you feel in the presence of Dog.”

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