Mike and Leslie, the owners of Three Dog Bakery Memphis, were looking for an investment to help pay for college for their two children. They bought the existing Three Dog Bakery Memphis when the previous owners decided to retire. They had been customers of Three Dog Bakery for some time and thought this would give them a great opportunity to take an existing store and make it even better! The fact that they had fostered dogs for years, and Leslie loved to bake made a pawsitiviely perfect combination!Dogs in Store

Leslie and Mike love meeting new people when they come in the bakery for the first time! Leslie said “It’s so fun to watch their expressions as they enjoy the experience with their dog.”Mike enjoys marketing their products. “We like that we have all natural wholesome treats and food for dogs. It makes us proud to be associated with the products and the company. It’s so much fun to work an event when we can share who we are and what we’re about! Dog people are the friendliest people we know!”

What is your favorite product to sell in the store?

“Seasonal treats are by far the most fun! People go crazy over the creative, beautiful Christmas treats!  However, our favorite is probably the “HamburgRRR” we make during the summer.  It’s so realistic looking! We put together “picnic” boxes which include the “Pug in a Blanket”, Wag-a-melon cookie”, and the “HamburgRRR” Pupcake®-  It’s a great treat for your summer picnic!

Our favorite non-consumable item to sell is the Thundershirt. We’ve heard such wonderful success stories from our customers about this product. Because we’re college sports fans, we really enjoy selling our collegiate jerseys, collars, and dresses! Lots of fun smack-talk is created around those products!!”

What makes your store unique?

Our store is unique to other pet stores, because our bakery is relatively small, cozy and truly feels and smells like your neighborhood bakery! We create a magical experience when people visit our store. Every dog is invited to the “frosting bar” to get a free treat! We make every effort to make humans and their furry friends all feel welcomed and loved. We take lots of pictures and post on our Facebook page, and also scroll them on our store TV. Everyone likes to see their “pug-shot” on the big screen! We also host events such as Dog’s Night Out with your dog at a local restaurant, and “Mutt Mixers” at the bakery.

Do you have any pets? Who are they?

We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Winston is three years old, and Emma is two. They are love sponges! Emma loves every treat Three Dog Bakery can produce! Winston is obsessed with his Frisbee, and carries it everywhere! They love to work at the bakery as the official taste testers and store greeters. Winston’s favorite spot in the bakery is his “man-cave” under the oven! Emma can be spotted sitting beside the register on the counter as the official greeter!

What local charities/companies do you work with?

We host “Rescue Wednesday” one Wednesday each month, giving a percentage of our sales that day to support that particular rescue group. We work closely with Collierville Animal Shelter, Fayette County Animal Rescue, Germantown Animal Shelter, as well as various other rescue groups in the area. Over the past year and a half that we’ve owned the bakery we’ve also partnered with Memphis Area Golden Retreiver Rescue, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Bellyrubs Basset Rescue and Memphis Humane Society and the Weim Rescue of the South, just to name a few.

Anything else you want to share?

This endeavor has been a huge blessing to us! We’ve met wonderful new friends, and look forward to meeting many more.

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