Kathy and Mike are the owners of the newest Three Dog Bakery Store situated in the heart of St. Louis.  Their love of dogs is the driving factor in why they opened the bakery.  They also wanted to provide healthy, natural options for dog food and treats.  Kathy added, “We also wanted to give back to the dog rescue community in St. Louis by holding adoption events and partnering with organizations like the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry.”
One of Kathy’s favorite things about running a Three Dog Bakery (TDB) is getting to meet so many nice dogs (and their owners) and showing them how they can “treat” their dogs without risking their health.  “We also love the events we have held, allowing us and the owners to have fun with their dogs” said Mike.

What is your favorite product you sell in the store?

“Our favorite consumables are the birthday cakes and the party hats most customers buy with the cakes.  We love taking their photos and posting them on Facebook and running them by slideshow on the television in the bakery. 

Our favorite non-consumables are the recycled toys from West Paw and Planet Dog.  Not only are they good for the earth, but our dogs love them and play with them without any damage to the toy.”

What makes your store unique?

We are the newest store in the TDB pack and we get lots of compliments about the interior design.  We have a lake right in front of us and provide duck food for the kids to feed the ducks, geese and swans that grace our front entry.” 

What local charities do you work with?

“We have worked very closely with Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, a local organization that helps pets stay with their families when those families are faced with economic challenges.  We also work closely with Dirk’s Fund, a local golden retriever rescue group, and fell in love with one of their adoptees who became one of our pack members last September.”

To learn more about the organizations Kathy & Mike work with, check out the links below:


Do you have any pets? Who are they?

“We have a Yorkie who will celebrate his 12th birthday on May 18.  He lost a leg to bone cancer in 2007 and has survived way beyond all predictions.  Changing his diet to Gracie’s Gourmet lamb & rice has cleared his chemo-related skin and GI issues.  We also have Cruz, the rescued Golden Retriever, who will be one on June 10.  Erin, our manager and daughter-in-law, has 3 Chihuahuas and 4 cats.”

If you are looking for a doggie birthday cake, an eco-friendly dog toy, or even a party hat, Three Dog Bakery-St. Louis is the place to be! With an educated staff ready to answer questions or just talk about your dog, you’ll feel right at home.  So, if you’re in the area, stop by the bakery, grab some treats and take a walk around the lake.  Don’t forget, the ducks like our treats too!