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Jessica Menell, the owner of Three Dog Bakery-Lake Arrowhead is an avid animal lover.  Prior to opening her Three Dog Bakery store, she had been actively involved in animal rescue for 15 years and grooming for 11 years.  She knew she wanted something more.  Her Aunt joked around with her and said “Why not open a bakery for dogs like on that show Providence?”  At first, Jessica wasn’t sure, but when she looked into it, she found Three Dog Bakery and a match was made in puppy heaven!

Store Owner Jessica

Jessica really enjoys bringing her dogs to work, but her favorite thing about running a Three Dog Bakery are the customers!  She loves working with like-minded people who also love dogs.  She is proud that she and her employees have built relationships with their customers (two and four legged), and those customers are comfortable talking about their animals.  Regulars come in just to hang out and talk. Jessica said:

“I love when I see the dogs pulling their owners into my store and running to the counter to jump and put their paws up so they get a treat. I like that you can be having a bad day and as soon as the dogs come in it puts a smile on your face. And I really like that I want to go to work in the mornings.”

What is your favorite product you sell in the store?

“My favorite consumable item is the Lickety Split because I love seeing the dogs lick it out of the bowl and get it all over their face. My favorite non-consumable item is the clothes. I like seeing the dogs dressed up and prancing around like they know they look cute.”

What makes your store unique?

What makes my store unique is that I recently added dog grooming. It has brought in more business and people shop while they are waiting for their pet to get beautiful. I pamper the dogs in a no cage grooming facility and they are always happy to get a treat when they are done. What also makes my store unique is that the shopping center it is in is on the lake. And actually, the dogs get a lake view while they are groomed.”

What local charities do you work with?

“We work with many. On the mountain there are only a couple of animal rescues and we all work together.Mountains Humane Society and Arrowhead Animal Protection League are the two local ones. Recently, two friends and I have started our own rescue called Leon’s Legacy. We are looking into becoming a non-profit, but in the meantime are well known on the mountain by the community and they help us be able to save animals. We have a lot of abandoned animals where I live. I also work with other rescues that are breed specific off the mountain.”

To learn more about the organizations Jessica works with, check out the links below:


Do you have any pets? Who are they?

“I recently had to put to sleep my Pekingnese, Oscar. I had him for 5 years, he was dumped in the parking lot at my store. When I found him his age was estimated at about 12 years old. I really miss him. Now I have Nala my 11 1/2 year old Akita Mix, Nikita my 11 1/2 year old black lab/golden retriever mix (who is the store mascot, everyone comes in the bakery to see Nikita and buy her treats), Greasy my 10 1/2 year old boxer mix and my cats, Arthemis who is 2 years old and my newest is Iris who is 1 year old. They are all rescues, some were supposed to be “fosters”, but you know how that goes. My husband and I, don’t have any human kids, our animals are our kids.”


Is there anything else you’d like to share?


“I have a very special customer named Murphy. Murphy is a Golden Retriever who belongs to the owner of the dance studio in the shopping center. Murphy likes to take himself for a walk sometimes. I met Murphy when I first opened my store by him running in my store, soaking wet from jumping in the lake and stealing a toy. He ran out on the grass in front of my store with the toy and would not give it back until I gave him a treat. And when the weather is bad, Murphy will sit outside my door until I open it for him, take a toy and wait for me to hopefully let him out of the store with it. It is now a game between Murphy and I. There is also a frequent customer named Sabor, he is a miniature horse and loves the treats.”

Jessica has been featured on the blog before.  She and her friend Terri helped resuce Bones, the boxer, who was abandoned on the side of the road in Lake Arrowhead.    Jessica’s big heart makes her bakery a warm and happy place to be.  She even holds adoption events out side her bakery each month.  With her countless ties to the animal rescue community, she is sure to help save many dogs lives.  So, if you’re in Lake Arrowhead, CA, stop in the Three Dog bakery to shop, or to adopt!

Oscar, In Loving Memory

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