Meet Rocky, the Owner

Rocky loves loves loves dogs.  Even more he loves dog people. And that’s a gRRReat trait for a Three Dog Bakery store owner!

Rocky owns two Three Dog Bakeries-the one in L.A. at the Farmer’s Market and the Pasadena Bakery. Rocky said he opened his bakeries because dog people are very passionate, caring and community oriented.


“I know that’s a huge generalization but I have always noticed that people who love dogs are often loving people.  I wanted to be a part of something that really involved the community.  I wanted a business that would give back and help dogs in need.” He added.

Rocky’s favorite thing about running a Three Dog Bakery is his customers.  “We have customers who we can’t remember if they were our friends first and then customers or the other way around.  They are really wonderful.  It has been such a pleasure, over the years, to gain life long friends through our shared passion for pets.”

What is your favorite product you sell in the store?
“Our bone shape cake is amazing.  Customers love it.  There is nothing else out there like this.  It is such a fun time for dogs and humans at any celebration.

For toys we really like Dura Doggie’s Bebo Chews for a Cause!  20% of their profits go to your choice of charity.  Plus they are eco-friendly, 100% guaranteed, FDA-approved and the best part is it’s a treat dispenser AND sqeeker in one!”

What makes your store unique?
“We have a lot of really great events.  Hollywood is in our back yard so we get celebrities stopping by on a regular basis, dog and human celebrities.  The Pup-aratzi is always around!  We catered a rooftop party for the “Marley and Me” premier and held a release party for “Marmaduke.”  Marmaduke was a huge fan of our customized Dino Bone.”

Do you have any pets? Who are they? 
“So many we can’t even count them all.  All of the employees have dogs.  What is really neat is that most of them are rescues and dogs that were in dire need of homes.  And talk about the luckiest dogs in the world.  Not only do they get the best food and treats, they are also featured on our Facebook page all of the time.  These little ones are local celebrities!”

Our team members collectively have:

I'm Buba

Molly (Chihuahua mix, 6 months old)
Stella (Sheltie, 2 years old)
Zoey (Maltese/Chihuahua mix, 3 years old)
Snoop (Miniature Pinscher, 3 years old)
Moose (Labrador, 1 year)
Samson (Doberman, 4 years old)
Isabelle (Dobermans, 1 year old)
Zeus (Australian Shepard, 3 years old)
Ceres (tabby cat, 4 years old)
Mica (Lab/Pit mix, 5 weeks)
Bubba (Longhair Chihuahua, 4 months)
Roscoe (Jack Russell/Miniature Pinscher mix, 1 year old)

What local charities/companies do you work with? 
“We work with the local humane society.  We are the main sponsor of one of the biggest charity events in the Los Angeles area: The Wiggle Waggle Walk!

We’re forming a huge Three Dog Bakery team of customers, friends and family.  Our team makes a really big impact towards helping our local dogs find homes.”

Anything else you want to share? 
“Our Pasadena store was just featured on Good Morning America for our wonderful all-natural treat and food selection.” Check it out here >

Rocky’s Three Dog Bakery stores are always a fun place to be!  Whether their hosting a movie premier party, or just serving up some gRRReat fun, the Los Angeles and Pasadena stores are a must for any dog-loving southern Californian.

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