We at Three Dog Bakery know that being a dog can be a ruff gig. All the napping, playing, snuggling and going outside and coming back in, and going outside and coming back in, and going outside and chasing squirrels and coming back in can sometimes all get to be too much. Not to mention the shop dogs and office dogs at Three Dog Bakery have to act as taste testers on top of all of their other commitments! So, to let our furry friends know that all their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, we decided to give them a night to go off-leash (metaphorically of course – leashes are required at all TDB events) and enjoy a meal out with their favorite people.

Dog’s Night Out is the paw-fect way to take your canine companion out for an evening they will never forget. Your night will include dinner on the patio at the swankiest dog friendly restaurants in town. Your dog will dine on a 3 course meal of yummy yappetizers, enticing entrees, and de”lick”table desserts while you order of the restaurant’s menu for people. It’s an event that allows both you and your pampered pooch to get out of the house and your everyday routine and just enjoy good food and good company! After all, who wouldn’t want to share a meal with their dog?

For more information about Dog’s Night Out check out the video below, then contact your local bakery to find out when the next event is scheduled in your area!