For the third year in a row, in honor of National Food Drive month, participating Three Dog Bakery Stores are having a food drive competition! 

Each bakery has partnered with a community dog-related charity, and for the entire month of May you can donate to help feed local dogs in need.

Help us Help Feed Hungry Dogs!

List of Bakeries & Charities:

Five Acres Animal Shelter

BakeryThree Dog Bakery-St. Louis, MO
CharityFive Acres Animal Shelter
Info: Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County, Missouri. We do NOT euthanize our animals to make room for new ones – the dogs and cats in our care stay as long as needed until they find their forever home. We only humanely euthanize when a situation arises that an animal can no longer live a high quality of life, according to our vet due based on its medical state or in the rare case of extreme aggression. Read More >

Bakery: Three Dog Bakery-Richmond, VA
Charity: Richmond Animal League
Info: The Richmond Animal League (RAL) is the area’s oldest non-profit “no-kill” organization committed to reducing the homeless pet population in the Richmond area. RAL provides temporary housing, medical treatment, sterilization, and quality care to over 800 companion animals each year until they are adopted into permanent and loving homes. RAL has been finding homes for homeless dogs and cats in the Richmond area since 1979.  Read more >

Bakery: Three Dog Bakery-Kansas City, MO
Charity: Chain of Hope
Info: Chain of Hope KC is an organization formed in 2010 with a primary goal of alleviating the suffering of abused and neglected animals within the urban core of Kansas City. Our ultimate goal is to break the chain of ignorance, break the chain of suffering, and break the chain of unwanted litters. Read More>

Bakery: Three Dog Bakery-Del Mar, CA
Charity: The San Diego Humane Society – Project KEPPT
San Diego Humane SocietyInfo:  Project KEPPT (Keeping Every Person and Pet Together) was created to provide education, resources, and services to assist our community in keeping their companion animals and to enhance the human-animal bond. Project KEPPT hosts a twice monthly companion animal food bank, licensing, microchipping, behavior and training advice, companion animal friendly housing referrals, and veterinary financial aid referrals.  Read More >

BakeryThree Dog Bakery-Plano, TX & Three Dog Bakery – Southlake, TX
Duke and Oliver FoundationCharityThe Duke and Oliver Foundation
Info: The Duke and Oliver Foundation was founded to help dog rescue groups and individuals that dedicate themselves to rescue efforts. Duke was co-founder Christy Howard’s rescued English Mastiff and soul mate that was with her until his death on St. Patrick’s Day 2007. Oliver was co-founder Shelley Levitz’ Yellow Lab that was her best friend until he lost his life in a house fire in 2011. They will never be forgotten and will live on through improving the lives of others. Read More >

BakeryThree Dog Bakery-Indianapolis, IN
Every Dog Counts RescueCharity: Every Dog Counts Rescue
Info: Every Dog Counts Rescue believes that truly every dog counts, regardless of age, breed, injury or disability. Many of the dogs we take in are dogs other groups won’t or can’t … seniors, dogs with heartworm, dogs who have been hit by cars, dogs with medical problems like seizures or diabetes, tiny babies who require bottle-feeding, and dogs with “handicaps”, to name a few. We believe that if they still have the ability to enjoy a quality life, they deserve that chance. Read More >

Bakery: Three Dog Bakery-Detroit, MI
Charity: Michigan Humane Society
Info: Michigan Humane Society is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country based on the number of animals cared for and the scope of programs and services. Their Mission is to end companion animal homelessness, to provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values. Read More>

Bakery: Three Dog Bakery-Omaha, NE
Charity: Nebraska Humane Society
Info: The Nebraska Humane Society was founded in 1875 and is the fifth oldest Humane Society in the United States! The organization was originally established for the protection of both animals and children. In the mid 1940’s, state agencies began to embrace child welfare issues, leaving the Nebraska Humane Society as the sole organization within the Omaha area designated for the protection of animals. We provide education, give sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and promote responsible pet ownership. By providing animal control services to much of the metro area we also serve the citizens of our community by upholding laws enacted for the protection of people and animals. Read More>

: Three Dog Bakery-Albuquerque, NM
Charity: Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico
Lap Dog Rescue of New MexicoInfo: The mission of Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home small companion dogs. Our goal is to place them in loving, forever homes and do this through a rigorous screening and adoption process. We operate strictly through volunteerism, counting on the generosity of others and of ourselves to further our mission. Read More >

Remember: Making a donation, makes a big difference in the life of a dog.