Name: Taylor Swift (Yes, I’m named after her)Yes, I'm Taylor Swift
Age: 2
Hometown: Elm Grove, WI
Breed: Golden Retriever
Nicknames: Ms. Swift, the Beast
Furry Siblings: None!

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Golden Cremes with Creamy Peanut Butter Filling

Other Favorites:

I'm Going to Win A GrammyBest Trick: I can sit and lay down, but only if you’re offering me the right motivation.  I’m also learning how to climb up my friend Katy’s office chair and share it with her.  She doesn’t think it’s as fun as I do, though.  Sadly, I have not won a Grammy, yet, but I know someday I will! 

Go WisconsinShort Bio: I am a giant Golden Retriever from Wisconsin and I LOVE the Wisconsin Badgers almost as much as I love food.  Especially Three Dog Bakery food!    My friends say I have huge lion paws, but I only use them for good (like grabbing food, begging for food, and hiding my food).

Go Badgers!

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