Name: Batman
Age: 1 year, 2 months
Hometown: Noblesville, IN
Breed: Giant Schnoodle
Nicknames: Beebs
Furry Siblings: I don’t really have a nickname…but sometimes my parents will sing the Batman theme song before calling me! “Na na na na na na na na…BATMAN!”

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Biscuits Baked with Peanuts

Other Favorites:

Best Trick: Jumping and catching the ball in mid-air!

Short Bio:  My parents adopted me froma breeder in Kentucky. I was named by my human brother, Brody (at the time he was only 5 years old). I am always right by my mom’s side anytime she is home all the way up until it’s time to go to sleep. I love going on road trips, shopping at Three Dog Bakery, and playing with my humans in the backyard!

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