Age: 4 Months
Kansas City, MO
Goldendoodle (second generation)
Watson, but many call him Cutie Pie
Furry Siblings:
Bella (11 year old Maltese)

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Classic Wafers Baked with Peanut

Classic Wafers Baked with Peanuts

Classic Wafers
Baked with Peanuts






Other Favorites:

Best Trick: Where do I begin? I have mastered many tricks, and intend to master many more! By the time I was ten weeks old I could sit, shake both paws, rollover, speak, lay down, leave it, come when called, and walk on a leash! So I guess you could say that rolling over is my favorite Because I get a chance to lay on my back, all of this training can be exhausting!

Short Bio: Hi! My name is Watson! I am a very lucky and very loved Goldendoodle puppy.  I love to drive my sister Bella CRAZY, who only weights four pounds and is a Maltese. I love my family mostly because they are SO nice and they have worked hard to teach me how to be a really good dog. My favorite daily activity is to be very attentive to what my mom and dad need me to do for them.  Whether that be to not chew the couch since I am teething, or to go on lots of short walks while I master walking on the leash outside. I also love to zoom through the house, curl up on my dad’s lap, and try not to chew too much, however I am still teething. I love meeting new people.  Life is grrreat thanks to my parents!


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