Name: Montgomery Ashton
Age: 10 months
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Breed: English Toy Spaniel
Nicknames: Monty
Furry Siblings: Wellington (aka. Welly)

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: All Natural Classic Wafers Sweet Potato

Other Favorites:

Best Trick: I can type 60 words per minute! (check out my photo below)

Short Bio: Although he’s the newest – and smallest! – member of the Petplan pet insurance team, Montgomery takes his work very seriously. As Curator of Treats, Monty is in charge of sniffing out the most mouth-watering morsels to stock the Petplan treat table for his two- and four-legged colleagues. He also takes a paws-on approach to finding the latest nibble and kibble for the pages of fetch! magazine. When he’s not sampling snacks, Monty spends time shadowing Dog-in-Chief Wellington, attending important functions with pet mom Natasha, and playing with Pet-itorial Intern, Benny.

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