Name: Millie
Age: 9
Hometown: Independence, MO
Breed: Mixed
Nicknames: Miss Millie, Millie  Mae, and Snooper
Furry Siblings: None!

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: All Natural Classic Wafers Oatmeal & Apples

Other Favorites:

  • Oven Baked Beg-als for Dogs Peanut ButterIm Millie
  • Gracie’s Grande Yappuccino
  • All Natural Rawhide Braided Wreath – Vanilla
  • Roll-Over Rewards Carob Chips Dog Treats
  • Puppermint Paw Rub for Dogs

Best Trick: I can do the regular tricks, Sit, Shake, Roll Over, and CrawlBut my mom says I’m the best doorbell she’s ever had!  No one can visit without a welcoming bark and tail wag!

Short Bio: While I may be beautiful, I’m tough, too!  I protect my mom from all of the scary postal workers, delivery drivers, and people who wear hats.  But my bark is bigger than my bite!  My hobbies include watching my yard for squirrels and looking so pretty that my humans must give me a treat.  I’m just a hound dog for affection and I’ll tell you when enough is enough (which is NEVER). I’d say I have it pretty good.

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