Im Georgia

Meet Georgia, the Dog of the Month

Meet Georgia
Meet Georgia


Name: Georgia

Age: 5 years old

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Breed: Chocolate Lab/Poodle Mix

Nicknames: Georgie, Georgeous, George of the Jungle, Toots (when I’m too far behind mom and need to catch up)

Furry Siblings: I keep asking for a dog or my own but dad won’t let me have one!


Favorite Three Dog Treats:

#1)  Classic Cremes-Carob Cookies DOUBLE STUFF with Natural Vanilla Flavor Filling

Other Favorites:

Best Trick: I have the best manners – I speak when spoken to.

Short Bio: My favorite things in the world are (in this order):  tennis balls, grandma, laying in mud puddles after a bath, sticking my head out the car window, my mom, my dad, and my 4 not very hairy walk on two legs siblings.  I like all animals and will come up and say hi any chance I get as long as I’m not playing ball.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Georgia, the Dog of the Month”

  1. I think I’ve found my dog’s twin! We have an 8 year old Chocolate Lab mix named Rowdy who looks just like Georgia! We don’t know what he’s mixed with, but when asked what kind of dog he is, we say he’s a Mutt-ador — half mutt, half lab. Georgia is beautiful!!!

  2. Georgia has enjoyed her month in the spotlight! Thanks for all the praises. She’s a great dog and have thoroughly enjoyed her in our lives.

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