Meet Max!

Name: Max

Age: 4

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Breed: Mixed (possibly Border Collie and Airedale)

Nicknames: The Maxxer, Maxie, Max-a-Roo-Bah

Furry Siblings: Lola (mixed breed age 7)

Favorite Three Dog Treats

#1 Favorite Treat:

Roll-Over Rewards  – Peanut Butter

Other Favorites:


Best Trick:  “By Me” – When I hear this command, I go right to my owner’s side and sit.

Short Bio: Max was adopted from Albuquerque’s Animal Humane Association by our family in November 2008.  His family includes four humans and his big sister Lola, who is a smaller mixed breed, about age 7, that loves to boss him around.  Max loves to run as fast as he can and scatter birds if given the chance.  He will chase a tennis ball and fetch, will play with any and all dogs at the dog park, and he looooooves everyone he meets, giving kisses and nuzzles and leaning on their legs.  Max weighs about 60 pounds but that doesn’t stop him from trying to be a lap-dog.  He also occasionally visits a local nursing home to spread cheer among the residents and he graduated at the top of his obedience class.  Max lives to go for a walk everyday and will howl, whine, and moan in joy if he thinks you are getting his leash.  Max is such a good boy; we don’t know how we got along without him before he joined our family.

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