3 years old
Union, KY
Golden Retriever
Furry Siblings:

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Grain Free Biscuits Baked with Smokehouse Cheese

Other Favorites:

Best Trick: I give awesome high fives and hugs!

Short Bio: Hi! My name is Cooper! I am a very lovable, outgoing Golden. I love meeting new people and adore my brothers (furry and hooman)! My favorite part of the day is when my family gathers around the TV at night and I join in on the fun! My family tells me I am one brave doggie! I have had a rough go these past few years being diagnosed with Masticatory Muscle Myositis and most recently with Epilepsy. I don’t let that get me down though! I love spending as much time outdoors as I can and cuddling with my family! I LOVE MY LIFE!

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