I'm Gabby

Name: Gabby (I’m named respectively after professional tennis and volleyball players)

Age: 3

Hometown: Born in the mountains of Virginia, but now I call Richmond home.

Breed: Boston Terrier

Nicknames: Gabs, Gabber Snapper, Snarfurs, and sometimes Pudgecicle.

Favorite Three Dog Treats

#1 Favorite Treat:


Other Favorites:

Best Trick:  I can give high five – or four in my case! But whenever a Three Dog Bakery treat is presented, I will go through all of my tricks to get my paws on it!

Short Bio: When I’m outside, I enjoy playing ball at the park or relaxing in my doggie pool in the back yard-I’m a high-energy Boston Terrier.  But inside, I am a complete cuddle bug who loves to plop right down in front of the fireplace during the winter.  Also, I consider myself to be quite a gourmand.  I love watching my mom cook in the kitchen – sometimes I even get to help… by cleaning up!

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