Name: Bacon
Age: 2
Hometown: Born in Iowa but lives in Fremont, NE
Breed: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie Mix
Nicknames: Mr. Bacon, Bakey, Bubber
Furry Siblings: My older brother Boris and two annoying but fun cats, Oliver and Napoleon

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Sweet Potato Wafers

Other Favorites:

  • P’Nutty Pretzels with Peanut Butter
  • PB & J Squares
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Peanut Butter Oven Baked Beg-als
  • Molasses Wafers

Best Trick: My dad taught me how to sneeze when he says “ah-choo”. Every time I do it right after he says “ah-choo” I get a treat. But the joke is on my parents, most of the time I really have to sneeze!

Short Bio: I have a lot of energy and love to go on walks. My mom is a runner and sometimes she lets me and my brother go with her. Normally we are really worn out after, but very happy. I like going out to the lakes to swim, but I don’t like getting too wet. I normally run along the beach as my brother swims out to get the ball, then I chase him as he gets out of the water. In the winter I like to run through the drifts in our back yard and root around for any missing balls we have out there. I also like to wrestle with Boris in the snow too. I know, though, that when I get back in my parents will have a bowl of the Baked Fish and Sweet Potato food with warm water mixed in. In the house I like to chase the smelly cats down into the basement so I can climb up on my mom or dad’s lap and get belly rubs. Boris tries to do the same but I am smaller in build so I can normally weasel my way in between. It’s a good thing we have a mom and a dad so we have two laps to choose from! I also love helping my mom plan lessons for her fourth grade class and help her with laundry, or anything else that helps me become the center of attention.