Name: BrunoYes, I'm Bruno
Age: 4
Hometown: Ray Township, MI
Breed: Pug
Nicknames: Pug Muffin, Munchkin
Furry Siblings: Lotus the Kitty

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Classic Cremes Carob with Vanilla Filling

Other Favorites:

Im a pugShort Bio: “Third time’s a charm” is a motto I live by.  My forever family is the third family to adopt me.  I’ve been with my momma now for 3 years and she reminds me every day that she’s very lucky to have me in her life.  I enjoy car rides, riding on the ATV with my daddy, going to Day Camp to play with my friends and visiting the local Three Dog Bakery with my momma!

Best Trick: The infamous “Pug Head Tilt” when you talk to me


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