Age: 8 months
Hometown: Ashville, OH
Breed: Mixed
Nicknames: Frankie, Mister Franklin, Frankers, Franklinmeister, Franklinstein

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite:
Bake to Nature Puppy Food

Other Favorites:

Best Trick: I sit down in front of the counter where Mom and Dad keep my cookie jar when we come back inside from an outing. I wait very patiently for my treat! Anytime I hear the cookie jar lid rattle, I’m there!

Short Bio: I was lucky enough to be fostered by a very nice and loving lady who works at my vet’s office. I even went to work with her every day and was the office “manager” until my Mom and Dad met me and fell in love with me. Mom and Dad needed me because my older sister, Lizzie, had recently passed away. They were very sad. So my vet’s office people thought I’d be a good match for Mom and Dad and they made arrangements for us to meet. It was love at first sight and Mom and Dad took me home that very day! I just celebrated my one month anniversary in my forever home. I am one lucky boy! But Mom and Dad say that they’re the lucky ones!


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