Name: Dino
Age: 4 ½
Hometown: Granite City, IL
Breed: Pug
Nicknames: Mr. Jaween, Dino Martini
Furry Siblings: Toby (Pug), Piper (Pug), Cricket (Chihuahua)

Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products:

#1 Favorite: Classic Vanilla Wafers

Other Favorites:

  • Classic Peanut Wafers
  • Sweet Potato Wafers
  • The Pup-kin Spiced Latte
  • Oven Baked Biscuits with Oatmeal and Apple
  • Oven Baked Biscuits baked with Peanut Butter

Best Trick: Carrying my bowl around when it is empty – lookin’ for a refill.

I Love Water

I Love Water

Short Bio: Dino runs from sun up to sun down.  When he gets hot from running outdoors and his kiddy pool isn’t cool enough for him, he immediately wants in the house and runs to the bathtub to cool off.  We turn the water on and he lays down in the cold water until he is satisfied, then he jumps out and is ready to go back to stat all over again! He loves playing with his pug siblings, Toby and Piper, but he especially loves his Chihuahua sister, Cricket.  His favorite time of day is bedtime – that’s when he gets his Three Dog Bakery bedtime cookie!

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