Age: 2 Years Old
Kansas City, MO
Fawn Boxer
Love Bug
Favorite Activity:
Enjoys evening stroll in the park!

Favorite Sibling:
His best friend, Bo the Orange Tabby cat

#1 Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: Gracie’s Gourmet Chicken with Carrots and Broccoli
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Other Favorites:

Best Day Ever: Where do I begin? I am my Mom’s shadow, when Mom is not home I don’t know what to do with myself. I fill my day with chasing Bo around the house. I’m always at my Mom’s knee helping her do everything that she does.  She says I’m the little boy that she never had.  I love my Mom and Dad and any day with them is my Best Day Ever. 

Short Bio: Hi, I’m Harley and I am a very playful Boxer. Also, I am quite sure I am the love of my parents life. One of my best charateristics is that I don’t ever meet a stranger, whether it’s a child or another dog they will soon become my bestie! My favorite toys are the ones that squeak the loudest. My parents have to turn up the television because I LOVE to chew on toys with the loudest squeaker, which makes it difficult for them to hear the TV. They love me SO much they even get my Birthday Cakes from Three Dog Bakery. Guess I should start behaving a bit more, especially because they are so good to me. Life is Fabulous thanks to my parents!

harley cake

I LOVE Three Dog Bakery Birthday Cakes

Playing all of the time is EXHAUSTING

Playing all of the time is EXHAUSTING

Napping is another favorite part of my day!

Napping is another favorite part of my day!






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