Get to know the Bakeries

Get to Know St Louis

Get to Know the Bakeries-St. Louis

Kathy and Mike are the owners of the newest Three Dog Bakery Store situated in the heart of St. Louis.  Their love of dogs is the driving factor in why they opened the bakery.  They also wanted to provide healthy, natural options for dog food and treats.  Kathy added, “We also wanted to give back to the dog … Continue Reading

Get to know Lake Arrowhead

Get to Know the Bakeries-Lake Arrowhead

Jessica Menell, the owner of Three Dog Bakery-Lake Arrowhead is an avid animal lover.  Prior to opening her Three Dog Bakery store, she had been actively involved in animal rescue for 15 years and grooming for 11 years.  She knew she wanted something more.  Her Aunt joked around with her and said “Why not open … Continue Reading

Get to Know San Clemente

Get to Know the Bakeries–San Clemente

Sled dogs in Southern California?  Really?  Just ask Three Dog Bakery – San Clemente owners, Matt & Claire, and they’ll give you the inside scoop on urban mushing.  Matt and Claire have owned their Three Dog Bakery franchise for about 4 years.  After visiting other Three Dog Bakeries while on vacations, they decided they wanted to open … Continue Reading

Get to know Louisville

Get to Know the Bakeries – Louisville

­­After many years in corporate America, Steve Wilson wanted to own his own business.  Due to his strong passion for dogs, he decided a Three Dog Bakery store would be a good fit.  He not only enjoys running a business he is passionate about, but one that is also unique.  According to Steve, “If you … Continue Reading

Three Dog Bakery Columbus

Spending Time at Three Dog Bakery Columbus


Columbus’ ABC 6 – Good Morning Columbus  –  spent some time at Three Dog Bakery Columbus. Learn the tricks to making a dog cake, dog treats and creating the perfect pet photo.

Fur Divine Collection

Three Dog Bakery Fur Di Vine Collection


Did you know harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes, and artificial colors can cause skin irritations, hair loss and allergic reactions? Three Dog Bakery offers an exclusive line of all-natural spa products tested on humans first! Conditioning Shampoo – The coconut shampoo base is all-natural. It does not contain harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes or artificial colors, which … Continue Reading

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