March 2012

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Yes, I’m Taylor Swift

Name: Taylor Swift (Yes, I’m named after her) Age: 2 Hometown: Elm Grove, WI Breed: Golden Retriever Nicknames: Ms. Swift, the Beast Furry Siblings: None! Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: #1 Favorite: Golden Cremes with Creamy Peanut Butter Filling Other Favorites: All Natural Classic Peanut Wafers Roll-Over Rewards Carob Chips Dog Treats All Natural 6″ … Continue Reading

March is Berries & Cherries Month

March is Berries and Cherries Month!

This month, the Three Dog Blog will focus on our favorite berry: the cranberry! When we say cranberries, we’re not talking about the red gel that comes out of a can on Thanksgiving. We’re talking about red, ripe berries bursting with benefits for your pooch. Did we mention they taste pretty good too? The addition … Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Pat-My-Head Pupovers

Three Dog 3rd Day-March

‘TIS A GLORIOUS THING TO BE AN IRISH WOLFHOUND. TUCK A SHAMROCK IN ME COLLAR, BAKE UP A PUPOVER, AND WATCH ME APPETITE’S A-DUBLIN 1 Egg ½ Cup Skim Milk ½ Cup White Flour ½ Tablespoon Vegetable Oil Preheat oven to 375°. In a mixing bowl, combine eggs, milk, and sifted flour and mix thoroughly … Continue Reading


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