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Franklin is September’s Dog of the Month

Name:Franklin Age: 8 months Hometown: Ashville, OH Breed: Mixed Nicknames: Frankie, Mister Franklin, Frankers, Franklinmeister, Franklinstein Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: #1 Favorite: Bake to Nature Puppy Food Other Favorites: Peanut Butter Itty Bitty Bones Apples and Oatmeal Roll Over Rewards Carob Chip Roll Over Rewards All Natural Classic Wafers Miniature Assortment All Natural Classic … Continue Reading

Homeless Animal Day

International Homeless Animal Day – August 20

Currently, there are 4-6 million homeless pets in the U.S. in need of a good home.1 Pet overpopulation is a big problem all over the country. The simple truth is there are too many homeless dogs and not enough good homes. Having our pets neutured or spayed is an  effective defense against overpopulation in that … Continue Reading


Get to Know Three Dog Bakery Memphis

Mike and Leslie, the owners of Three Dog Bakery Memphis, were looking for an investment to help pay for college for their two children. They bought the existing Three Dog Bakery Memphis when the previous owners decided to retire. They had been customers of Three Dog Bakery for some time and thought this would give … Continue Reading


Weird Contest Week – the Rules

Ok fans – weird contest week is August 15-19, so we are going to have five days of fun contests! Our founding girls, Gracie, Sarah, and Dottie, are hidden on our website, and your task is to find them. If you find the girls, you’ll win a yummy Three Dog Bakery Treat Variety Pack! How to Participate: … Continue Reading

Three Dog Bakery Granola Recipe

Three Dog 3rd Day – August


Isn’t it funny how a dog loves honey?  Nutty, all natural, mixed flavors for your nutty, all natural, mixed breed (or pedigree!) ¾ Cup honey ½ Cup Vegetable Oil 1 Teaspoon Vanilla 2 Cups craked wheat 2 ½ cups rolled oats 2 Cups bran flakes 1 Cup wheat germ 1 Cup sunflower seeds 1 Cup chopped … Continue Reading

Sophie, August 2011 Dog of the Month

Meet Sophie, The Dog of the Month for August


Name: Sophie Age: 13 Weeks Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO Breed: Heeler Mix Nicknames: Soph, Bugg, Goober, Sophus Furry Siblings: Zoe the cat (but she lives at Grandma and Grandpa’s) Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: #1 Favorite: Classic Cremes-Golden Cookies with Natural Vanilla Filling Other Favorites:  Classic Cremes-Carob Cookies with Natural Peanut Butter Filling “Woof”ers Peanut … Continue Reading

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