November 2010

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Dress your dog(s) up for the holidays!

Time to spread some of that holiday cheer! Do you and your furry family have any holiday traditions? Send us a photo! Do you just like dressing your dog up for the holidays? Send us a photo! Enter by posting a holiday themed photo of your dog on our Facebook page for your chance to win … Continue Reading


Stress Reducer Tips for the Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love the holiday season with its heavenly food, festive holiday lights, and classic, warm and fuzzy TV shows?  There’s the running around, travel, finding and wrapping the perfect gifts, making it to all those holiday celebrations, cleaning house for company, preparing the holiday feast. Errrr! Wait it’s starting to sound stressful. As much … Continue Reading


Dog is, in a word, good.

In this guest post, Nichole Smith from Dog Is Good explains how and why D.I.G. came to be. The thing about owning (or being owned by) a dog, is that there are just so many moments that you wish you could immortalize. The way she flops towards you when she pokes her nose out from the covers in the … Continue Reading


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