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  • March 2010

    Monthly Archives
    Fur Divine Collection

    Three Dog Bakery Fur Di Vine Collection

    Did you know harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes, and artificial colors can cause skin irritations, hair loss and allergic reactions? Three Dog Bakery offers an exclusive line of all-natural spa products tested on humans first! Conditioning Shampoo – The coconut shampoo base is all-natural. It does not contain harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes or artificial colors, which … Continue Reading

    Photos with Easter Bunny

    Photos with the Easter Bunny

    Several of our bakeries are doing photos with the Easter Bunny this weekend! The Kansas City Three Dog Bakery is hosting theirs this Sunday, March 21st from 11am-5pm at the bakery on the Country Club Plaza. Sniff out a store near you! http://www.threedog.com/store-locator.php



    Here at Three Dog Bakery we love all things chocolate. We think in a perfect world our dogs would too. That is why we use carob, a healthy chocolate substitute suitable for dogs, in half of our products. Carob is an eastern Mediterranean evergreen tree of the pea family. Carob has increased in overall popularity … Continue Reading

    Chain of HOpe copy

    Kate Quigley – Saving One Dog at a Time

    Kansas City, MO— Kate Quigley, also known as the Dog Lady or Miss Kate is busy working six days a week, driving into high-poverty neighborhoods to find abused and abandoned animals. Going door-to-door speaking with owners, leaving supplies to better their dog’s lives and borrowing their pets to be spayed and neutered. Her truck is … Continue Reading

    What if Dogs Had Thumbs

    What if Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day


    Although dogs are a man’s best friend, we are lucky that they don’t have thumbs. Imagine the dog that is able to open a box of Woofers or open the refrigerator door! Although we like to think a dog with opposable thumbs would hitchhike to Three Dog Bakery, what do you think your dog would … Continue Reading

    Truth about dog food

    Some Truths about Dog Food


    You want to provide the best for your pups. They’re family (your babies) and you want them to be healthy and happy.  However, let’s face it, trying to figure out the best dog food to feed them is confusing and somewhat scary. Have you ever read a dog food label and thought what is this … Continue Reading

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